Are you struggling and planning to consult and work with a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney? Ok, you are in the right place. Mounting calls and harassing phone calls from your creditors are a nightmare. You need legal assistance from our bankruptcy attorneys across San Fernando Valley. We serve in and around La Tuna Canyon. Our lawyers are often happy and willing to discuss your financial challenges and plot the case's best strategy.

We represent your interests and fully inform you of the available options. Additionally, we help you move from your current financial state toward a bright future free of debts. We will show you how to skip similar situations in the future. Begin by calling our lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation. Notably, filing for bankruptcy isn't a straightforward exercise. Several people across San Fernando Valley have lost their assets due to mistakes resulting from hiring inexperienced bankruptcy attorneys who place them in a worse financial state than before. However, having the right legal representation shows that you have the most experienced and the best lawyers handling your interests to ease your debt and live a peaceful life.

Speak with a La Tuna Canyon bankruptcy attorney to guide you on the appropriate type of bankruptcy you qualify for before filling your petition.

Bankruptcy Overview

Bankruptcy is a legal process whereby a debtor obtains relief from debts which he/she cannot pay. Notably, the process helps creditors to be paid by the debtor through the property they own and which isn't essential for their living. You may feel overwhelmed by the debts, and declaring bankruptcy becomes your ideal option. However, declaring bankruptcy may be a very tough decision you want to make.

Before filing for bankruptcy, you should consider the other available options. Settling on bankruptcy may affect several aspects of your life for a prolonged period. You should be aware that bankruptcy does not discharge all debts. Additionally, there are several types of bankruptcy. Therefore you should file for the kind of bankruptcy that suits your case.

According to the California bankruptcy laws, a La Tuna Canyon bankruptcy case is filed at the bankruptcy court. Notably, the court may dismiss your case. Once your case is dismissed, you will have to wait for 180 days before refiling the case. If you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney, they will guide you on how to handle a bankruptcy case wisely.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - La Tuna Canyon

The chapter is made to cater to the people who have challenges with their budgets and are unable to pay for their basic needs like rent, clothes, and food. Notably, they have credit card debt that they can't pay back due to their stiff budget. Apart from being upside-down with the budget, the debtor will pass the means test as per the 2005 bankruptcy laws. The bankruptcy law is a good solution to a credit card store debt, medical bill, among other unsecured debts.

The other unsecured debts may include child support, government fines, taxes, and debts incurred by fraud. However, chapter 7 isn't a good solution to the secured jobs like car payments or mortgage payments for your property in La Tuna Canyon. Moreover, bankruptcy law stops lawsuits, harassment, and garnishments. The law also stops foreclosure and repossessions temporarily. Chapter 7, bankruptcy is the most cost-effective method of eliminating your debts.

After filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, the law looks to see the assets to take from you in paying back the creditors. The assets are known as 'non-exempt' assets. However, put in mind that chapter 7 is a 'no asset' case. Therefore the chapter isn't interested in taking away what you possess. Our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney exempts your assets like your La Tuna Canyon house.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - La Tuna Canyon

The chapter is prepared for the people who make money higher than their regular expenses and possess non-exempt assets that the debtor is protecting. It is a planned system for paying back the debts and considering your net income for your non-exempt assets, among other relevant facts. The chapter is the right solution for your secured debts like arrearages for your La Tuna Canyon house or payment for your car. However, the California bankruptcy laws limit the secured and unsecured debts which you may file for the chapter.

Therefore, if you face foreclosure for your home and real property, the chapter will allow you to save your items and property through a court proposal to make the payments. After approval of the plan, the law requires the creditors to accept the plan. Student loans, back child support, and non-dischargeable taxes will be paid without making any interest. After our lawyers look at your expenses, income, and other facts, we will inform you of the value of your debts. Speak with your La Tuna Canyon bankruptcy attorney to determine whether you are eligible for a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Alternatives of Filing Bankruptcy

If you are financially burdened with heavy debts in the La Tuna Canyon area, there are several debt relief options available for you. The debt relief option includes credit card services and repayment programs. Although it is considered a good plan for handling your financial problem, it is the last option you should consider. La Tuna Canyon Bankruptcy court will keep your bankruptcy information on your credit for ten years and hinder your ability to obtain a credit, insurance, job, and a residence place. Therefore if you have difficulties managing your debts, you should consider the other alternatives before filing for bankruptcy. You may consider the following when looking for relief from your financial debts:

  • Paying Down Your Debts

Most people encounter debt during their lifetime, either as a student loan or a credit card balance. Several debts may not be a risk. However, unmanageable debts may be challenging and affect your personal life. Paying down debt is the first critical step in managing your debts. You should consider the debts you are facing and make a plan to handle the debt first. Notably, when paying your numerous debts, you need to consider the priority debts above others. You may speak with your La Tuna Canyon Bankruptcy attorney for guidance on how to pay your debts.

Failure to eliminate the debts immediately can seriously affect the debt elimination process. Additionally, falling behind on car loans, mortgage payments, or utility payments may result in repossession of your car, foreclosure of your house, or cut off of utilities. Apart from the hardships that the actions may create, the debts carry less interest than other types of debts. Failure to pay taxes and child support takes serious concerns, resulting in raised interests and jail.

  • Debt Counselling

If you are working hard to develop a debt budget and meet your financial targets, you may seek help from a La Tuna Canyon Bankruptcy creditor counselor. Notably, if you are deep in debts, having counseling is the best alternative to solve your financial crisis and manage your daily cash flow. In Los Angeles, several debt counseling organizations fall under 'non-profit'; however, it doesn't necessarily mean you will receive free, legitimate, and affordable services. A credit counselor will provide services through online, telephone, or local offices. Therefore, you may communicate with the credit counselor at any time you are seeking their assistance. The offices also engage in in-person consultations. Our law firm will work effectively in connecting you with the best debt counseling organizations across la tuna canyon.

  • Make a Budget for Your Financial Debts

Most people across Los Angeles face debt challenges for their failure to make a budget for their current financial debts. Creating a budget for your debts is the first critical step in cutting down your financial debts. Creation and sticking to your budget is an essential method of avoiding debts. If you map your regular expenses, you will have a clear picture of your finances. The mapping will help determine the debt payment to come first. By doing so, you will have a humble time in handling your financial debt crisis.

Why Should You File for Bankruptcy?

By declaring bankruptcy, you will discharge various debts and eliminate your legal duty of repaying them. Apart from that, filing for bankruptcy will enable you to:

  • Restore or prevent termination of utility service
  • Stop harassments, debt collection, wage garnishment, and any other activity from the creditors
  • Stop the foreclosure of your home, thus allowing you to be up-to-date on your missed payments.
  • prevent repossession of assets

The Services we Offer to Our Clients

Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, we provide our clients with the best services across la tuna canyon. Our lawyers are experienced and determined to deliver quality services to our clients. We provide other services that facilitate a bankruptcy case. The services we provide to our clients include:

Provision of Information To Our Clients

Most people partially understand bankruptcy laws. Information is essential when solving any issue. If you are an informed client, you can make a good decision about your debts with the information in your hand. Several people only have a general idea concerning bankruptcy laws across La Tuna Canyon. Additionally, they understand that the law helps erase their debt. However, they are unaware of the consequences and their options. Our firm equips the clients with both the pros and cons of the available course of action and explains the various available strategies we adopt, which can impact your financial status. Our goal is to arm you with all the essential knowledge needed in making the best decision and have knowledge of avoiding another financial crisis in the future.

Our Attorneys are Experienced

Experience in bankruptcy is a critical element in determining the outcome of a bankruptcy case. Therefore, hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney not only brings peace of mind but also ensures you have somebody on your side who will help you skip making simple mistakes that can put you in a challenging financial condition. Therefore when choosing a bankruptcy attorney, go for the experienced ones. At the Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney, we have experience in providing our clients with the best outcomes. Our firm is familiar with California law and understands the challenges people go through when facing bankruptcy. Notably, we have established a good relationship with the courts in La Tuna Canyon; thus, we have a humble time handling our client's issues. Our agents in various locations are experienced, and when you call them, they will direct you to our offices.

We are Available At La Tuna Canyon for a 24/7 Basis

Are you facing bankruptcy in or around La Tuna Canyon? We are here to answer your questions, provide the best representation, and give accurate information when you need it. Our firm is open on a twenty-four-hour basis. Therefore you may visit or call our firm and arrange for an appointment at any time of the day. We assist and guide our clients from the time we receive their call until they obtain legal help from our law firm.

We Provide Online and Over Phone Services To Our Clients

Are you worried about how to come in touch with our law firm? Our firm provides online and over phone services to clients. Therefore you can find us through our website, call our answering service, and make an appointment faster. The service ensures you receive our services through the medium you like the most. Additionally, it will provide you avoid travel costs in and out of our offices. Your questions are answered immediately by our bankruptcy experts, and no missed calls are recorded due to our active systems and answering services.

Find a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

Bankruptcy is among the common problems faced by several people from La Tuna Canyon. As the days pass, times are becoming tough! With an economy that is lagging. Therefore raising medical bills, clearing your student loan, and paying your debts may be a challenge. Most people are ending up registering debts that affect their living conditions. If you are in La Tuna Canyon and facing, you should look for an alternative to relieve your financial debts.

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